Dell XPS 10 Tablet Specs & Price in Pakistan

Dell is one of the most famous brands all over the world. This time they’re back with a bang by introducing an amazing tablet, the XPS 10. It has an ARM processor and also Microsoft’s upcoming Windows RT OS.

Dell XPS 10 is manufactured for the usage of work and as well as for playing purposes, said Alison Gardner, Director of Del. They did not share any further details about the new tablet’s price, hardware specifications or the availability, but ensured that more details will be out soon enough.

This tablet came out as Dell resets their tablet strategy after a big failure of the company’s previous Android-based devices in the market. They stopped selling the Streak 5 tablet-phone hybrid device somewhere around the middle of the last year and eventually pulled back the Streak 7 tablet last year. Dell’s nee strategy revolves around Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 and RT operating system.

Dell XPS 10 Tablet Specs & Price in Pakistan

Dell XPS 10 was introduced at the IFA trade show which was held in Berlin 5th September onwards. The closest and the most rival competitor of Dell’s XPS 10 is definitely Microsoft’s Surface tablets, which is likely to be shipped on the day of the launch of the new Windows OSes in 26th October. Microsoft has offered Windows RT for ARM-based devices and also Windows 8 for Intel-devices, and above all the Surface models will have both OSes.

Dell XPS 10 has a dock with an impressive keyboard and a battery which would bring a “multiday” run-time on just a single charge, Gartner said. Dell has made all the efforts to make the tablet attractive for its users by adding enterprise features and IT managers will definitely be able to operate, manage and protect the tablet remotely.

Gartner claimed that the XPS 10 will definitely be different from tablets based on Windows 8, which runs on the existing Windows applications.

Dell informed that in the future they will also announce a Latitude tablet. Dell is targeting Latitude products at enterprises, and there is a possibility that the new tablet will possess Windows 8 and an Intel chip. At present, Dell is offering the Latitude ST tablet with Windows 7 and a very low-power Intel Atom chip with it.

Recently, Dell also announced the XPS Duo 12 hybrid device that has both the features of a tablet and an ultrabook. XPS Duo 12 has a flip design with a 12-inch touch screen which can fold up to become a tablet. Designing ideas for this device was inspired from Inspiron Duo netbook, which has more or less similar design, but the XPS Duo 12 will be much thinner and even better looking, Gartner said.

To conclude, the Dell XPS 10 sounds like an amazing tablet. They definitely have worked on their short comings and we can expect that the tablet they’re offering this time will definitely not fail, but will hit the markets with a strong statement. For further information, keep visiting this page!!!

Price of Dell XPS 10 in Pakistan:

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