China To Build World Tallest Building In 90 Days

If we would say that the China is going to build world tallest building in 90 days then would you just believe it? Well you have to believe this truth because China is all set to build such a tallest building! After the success height of The Great Wall of China they are yet again planning to get back in the list of Wonders of World through their world tallest building. According to the engineers and supervisors of the whole foundation, this building will be completed at the end of March 2019 and will be concluded out as being the largest and tallest building ever in the whole world. This building will also be the first building in this world that will be finished in just minimum time scale.

China To Build World Tallest Building In 90 Days


This building has been named as “Sky City” and it will be 838 meters and 2,749 feet high up in the air.  The floors of the building have been divided into 220 sections and will be placed for the people of Changsha City near Xiangjiang River. Well many people would be taking it as the joke because even the house cannot get completed within 90 days so how can the tallest building of 220 floors will get finished. But you have to believe this joke because according to matter of the foundation every day five floors will be completed and this will lead to the finishing of 200 floors in 90 days. This building will be build up by the same engineers who carried out the establishment of Burj Khalifa in Dubai and that too in just 15 days and still the building is standing in its perfect shape and position. This building will be started in the end of this month after getting full proof acceptance from the authorities of China.


Well this fast construction of world tallest building will be undertaken just with the assistance of modern technology that is granted by Board Sustainable Building that has even used the same technology for building 20 storey building and tall structures in China. Ever since the company has been making the use of this technology for putting the foundation of many buildings so they have so far claim that this technology can even build the tallest structure within the shortest time scale.


  • This Sky City building has been equipped with the height of 2,749 feet and 838 meters tall.
  • This building has been comprised with the tons of steel availability of 220,000 that can even accompany 31, 4000 people.
  • 83% area of the building will be rest for the residential purposes whereas the rest of the area will be set for schools, hospitals, shops, hotels and offices.
  • This building has been finished with the services of 104 elevators for easiness of the visitors.
  • Additionally per square meter cost of the building has been $1,500.

On the whole we can say that is this building will come to an end then it will certainly be the greatest achievement for China but no one knows that how it will be possible. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the March 2019. ALL THE BEST CHINA……..

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