Basant Festival In Lahore 2019

Basant Festival in Lahore 2019 is right here right now. For the information of the readers, basant festival will be taking place in Lahore on 14th April 2019. So, are you all excited and amazed enough to be the part of this festival? From the sources, we came to know that this present Government of Punjab has made an announcement to celebrate this festival. After 5 years, basant is been celebrating in Lahore and each and every lahorian is quite and rather excited. Former Chief Minister of Punjab had basically and primarily banned this festival and now it has been resumed by current government of Punjab. Only because of this basant festival, we earn 5 billion rupees.

Make sure that you be on the rooftops right on 14th April 2013 in order to celebrate this colorful festival named by basant festival. Government has resumed this festival so it now your responsibility to act like a dutiful citizen and should not do anything that is against this festival. Let us all welcome spring in a best possible way and refresh our daily routines with this multicolored festival.

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