Arise Educational And Health Foundation

Arise Educational and Health Foundation has been categorized as the most distinguished and well known educational NGO in Pakistan. This organization has been founded in 2000 and it gained the status of being the NGO in September 2005 under the coordination of Societies Registration Act. It has for about the 12 years that this institution has made a special place in the NGO world with the main mission of spreading the education and health awareness in every hook and corner of the Pakistan. Another most noticeable thing about this foundation is that when this institution was registered in October the whole of Pakistan gets terribly attacked with the Earthquake. This was the time when the whole nation stood as one strong pillar and worked for the people and disaster affected people. In such conditions this was the best time to showcase the passion and dedication for the Pakistan and ARISE Educational and Health Foundation proves that they can work for the development and improvement for the Pakistan. They serve the helpless people with the education and perfection of the nation. The main aim and motive of the ARISE Educational and Health Foundation falls in the wakefulness and attentiveness regarding the education and health criteria.

On the other side there are many facilities and programs that have been so far involved with the expansion of education and health improvements. They spread the education free of cost copies and books among the needy and helpless students of Government institutions and students each year. In addition to it, they are even engaged in setting up the medical campaigns in the small villages and urban areas for the women. During the arrival circumstances of the Earthquake they even carried out the procedures of distributing the foods and needed products among the women and children in affected areas. Lastly, the most attractive on the side of the institution has been the allocation of the sewing machines for the women that make them aware from the hidden sewing talents and skills. Well when we look at the other side of the story there is no doubt about it that the country has been facing the economic and social downfalls and in such conditions the mission of ARISE Educational and Health Foundation has been all the more important and undoubtedly in the positive side of the nation and the women. If you would like to know any more facts about the foundation in addition to if you are interested in donating the prices and any needed products then you can immediately get connected with the below mentioned bank account now:

Swift Code: UNILPKKA
Branch code: 1234
Online A/c No: 010-2944-6
UBL, Al-Rehman Building Branch
I.I Chundrigar Road

On the whole we can just figure the simple conclusion that your donations can lead this nation towards the success and forward looking prosperous nation at an increased level. So just go ahead and put the foremost step towards the betterment of the nation and such day is not far away when this country will be known as the top excellent educational countries of the world.

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