All Pakistan Women’s Association – APWA

There are many such educational NGO in Pakistan that has been currently working for the betterment of the Pakistani nation and among those foundations we have the All Pakistan Women Association-APWA. This organization has been based upon the non-political and non-government bases as it is completely a private institution. This foundation mainly aims at serving the women in the form of moral, social and economic faces that lead them towards the success in the category of education world. All Pakistan Women Organization-APWA was entered in the world of NGO’s in 1949 as it was established by Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan. She is known among the most known and reputed forward looking protestors that are always fighting for the rights of the women. She has the ultimate feeling that women are no less important than the men and they can fully stand shoulder to shoulder in every single field of life. This organization is aid to be one of the most energetic and on the go institution that has been wholeheartedly involved ever since its establishment. Since its foremost step it has spread over 56 districts and regions with its branches even in the rural and urban areas. All Pakistan Women Organization- APWA has even carried out the special days for the women that are not even celebrated all over the world including International Women’s DayUN Day and UNICEF Day. This organization has been completely undertaken on the bases of the donations and funds through the Government and public support.

APWA has been even awarded with the UNESCO Adult Literacy award in 1974 and afterwards it enriched in 1987 with the honor of “Peace Messenger Certificate”. All Pakistan Women organization-APWA has even been connected with the Government institutions and even many international foundations as well adding with the Club, International, and PPSEAWA. When we look upon inside the Pakistan then there are many such organizations that have been linked with it including Ra’ana Craftsman Colony, APWA Cottage Industries and Gul-e-Ra’ana Community Center. In addition to it there are Gul-e-Ra’ana Nusrat Industrial Home, Women’s International Club and General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC). All Pakistan Women organization-APWA has been even get underway with the education of various forwarding programs for the women. Some of the main programs are as follows Mother and child health services, Nutrition Programmes, Montessori/Primary Education, Adult education/Literacy and Social Education. Apart from these programs they are also wide range of other programs as well such as

  • Population Planning Program
  • Legal Aid
  • Skill Training
  • R H Education
  • Adolescents Programs.

This organization has always set with the simple message that is not against the men section and is even motivating the women for making their future brighter and much progressive forever. On the whole we can say that just like this organization there are huge sum of other foundations as well but they can just be made successful when they will be encouraged all through the funds and donations. However, this responsibility just lies on the government institutions and public.

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