Al-Hafiz Education And Health Society

As we know that currently many organizations has been so far working in the betterment of the Pakistan and in all such NGO we have the Al-Hafiz Education and Health Society. This NGO is considered to be one of the biggest and most famous educational NGO in Pakistan. This is a private based institution that has been placed in the Kishanganj, Bihar. This institution has been working merely for the poor families that are placed in Bihar. There are many such families in the rural areas where the families are still living the life of non humans. This society has been merely serving for such families. They are even dedicated towards the education standards in such areas that have been one of the biggest neglecting factors in Bihar. This organization was formed in April 2007. This was set up by the Hafiz Muhammad Muntazir in the company of his friends and family mates. As this foundation was simply based upon the private sector therefore the expenses were undertaken from the personal savings. In all such conditions the services were much limited but still it was benefiting titanic amount of the people.

In addition, all the facilities expenditure in the Al-Hafiz Education and Welfare Society was granted by the family and friends. This foundation has even established a Maktab that is an institution that serves the children with the education of Quran and even occupies the hostel facility as well. As being the social working foundation therefore it was given the honorable status of being the charitable organization in 2008. There are many factors that have been connected with the working of the Al-Hafiz Foundation. They work in India for the below mentioned aspects:

  • They provide the educational facilities to the poor children and families.
  • In addition they even serve with the health care facilities too.
  • They aim at decreasing the poor conditional surroundings in India.
  • They sincerely wish to improve the living conditions by providing food, clothing and shelter.

Furthermore, in the shape of the education sector they even serve the scholarship program for the poor families children and orphans. Through this scholarship the children would be served with the free of cost education in learning the education and Hifz-e-Quran as well. One of the main achievements gained by this foundation has been the religious institution known as Dar At-Tarbiyyah. The foundation has the strong faith in the reality that even a single piece of education can help the country in changing its history. The education is fully responsible for bringing upon the developmental and successful changes in the world. This educational center will help the students to remain get connected with the study and Quran education as well. On the whole it is fully commendable that this organization has been completely involved in providing the education services to the poor families and this is the most appreciated fact. Al-hafiz has been serving the nation for quite a long time and its place in the society cannot be neglected at any cost.

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