Al-Ameen Educational Society

There is no doubt about it that this nation can just be survived all through the foundation establishments because they grant the new path to the nation. In all organizations we have the Al-Ameen Educational Society. This society was established in 1966 by the Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed along with the self help of the group of the people. This society has been fully aimed in serving the nation with the educational standards and for this reason this foundation set up the first college in 1968 named as “Al-Ameen Arts, Science and Commerce Degree College”. This college was spread at the space of 1.25 acres that was placed behind the Government Medical College in Bangalore. This foundation has been named as Al-Ameen by keeping in view the main principles of the Holy Prophet as Al-Ameen means being the trusty and faithful. In the very first year the colleges gets enrolled with 113 students in the course of PUC. In the next year after the establishment this college started the degree programs. This college was based upon the co education system. The basic aim behind this fact has been the equal education level in both the men and women.

In addition, after few years this colleges was then shifted to the another site of the Bangalore that covers the area of 6.35 acres. It comprises the two plot are as in one plot there was the educational institutions initiated by Al-Ameen including Al-Ameen Arts, Science & Commerce Degree College, Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies, Al-Ameen Institute of Information Sciences, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Al-Ameen College of Law and Al-Ameen College of Education. The second plot holds down the secondary and higher education schools and university. In both the campuses the total number of students was approximately 5000. In Karnataka Al-Ameen Educational foundation has set up maximum 135 institutions almost spread over its branches in almost 19 states of India. The total number of students in all the campuses is 32,513 and almost 2000 staff members that are working in the centers. The total number of schools founded by the Al-Ameen Educational Society is as follows:

  • There are 40 primary schools by Al-Ameen Society.
  • There are currently 11 Modern Primary schools.
  • The total number of higher schools is 29 and higher primary schools are 33.

There are many teaching institutions as well that were established by the Al-Ameen educational center such as:

The total number of tailoring institutes for men and women were 2.

  • The total number of training institutes for teachers was 1 and for the technical education there was just 1 institution.

Some of the other main and prominent achievements made by the Al-Ameen educational society were the foundation of National Institute in New Delhi and Indra Ghandi National University in New Delhi. On this detail discussion it is much evident that this Educational NGO in Pakistan is a complete educational foundation that is fully aimed with the mission in serving the nation with the complete education services and facilities.

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