Adult Basic Education Society ABES

Adult Basic Education Society is all about the education awareness and need for the teaching in Pakistan. This foundation is presently working in the cities of Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sargodha and Rawalpindi. Currently this institution has been underway with the two main educational projects for the nation. One is the Non formal Education for Girls in the district of Gujranwala and second is the Multi Grade Teaching Training in the Rawalpindi division. This institution has been working in Pakistan for quite a long time of the year and it has certainly made a successful and popular stand in the society for making the education awareness in such districts where the education percentage was much low and minimum. The main aim of this society is to make the adult and teenager girls and boys regarding their main responsibilities and duties towards the education revivalism in their life. Education plays a very important role for making the person successful and famed in this world and this main intention is always put forward by this organization. Adult Basic Education Society has been so far working on the wide varieties of the main goals and objectives. As we know that the educational and environmental standard is much poor in the rural and villages therefore this organization helps the rural communities to set up perfect and reliable surroundings for the education.

One of the main and most prominent motives of this organization has been so far fighting for the rights of the women. This foundation has awakened the people of the Singh and makes them known about the rights of the women and girls in the society. They make the rural communities to learn that the women has a main place in the society and she even have the complete right to contribute towards the development and success of the Pakistan and education globe. Adult Basic Education even makes an effort to increase the literacy rate in the rural and village based places and makes the education to be a common element for every single men and women in the rural regions. They even initiated the separate schools and colleges for the girls and women so that they would be able to gain separate knowledge and education for themselves. Furthermore, this organization even put forward the concept that if the families make their girl so educated then she can even be able to administer the schools of her own region and community. They provided all the needed and immediate abilities and skills to the women for making the educated and well disciplined. In addition, they also developed many committees and groups of people that would help the village people to create the perfect living environment and suitable planning in their village. It is much obvious that women has always been viewed as the lowest standard in the villages but this foundation has make an effort through some measures for making the women a special place in the society that would give her with the respectable designation. They even establish the developmental projects for the women so that they can even come forward for the success of the nation. The main motto that this organization was actually spreading was that all the girls of today have to be the mother of tomorrow so they must have be the strongest character of our society. On the whole we must fully support this foundation because the main aim that has been highlighted in the foremost vision and mission of their working has been certainly viewing out in the benefits of the country. Their mission would certainly grant a successful position for the women category.


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