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Talibagus on the banks of the river Euphrates is a small town which is located in Syria and is known for its hospitality and cultural heritage. According to the legend, Noah’s ark was built by Noah’s son, Shem, on this land and it still stands to this day. When the people of Nineveh migrated to the city of Mesopotamia, their ark was also rebuilt by Noah’s son, Ezhbolt, on the land of Shur. During the period of Alexander the Great’s reign, the town of Talibeg was included among the centers of the royal satrapies of that period. When the Roman military leader Julius Caesar came into Mesopotamia, his soldiers searched for a holy place in which to bury their dead soldiers.


Talibag means “a bank on a stream.” This stream is called Al Ghaddafir and it is located within the boundaries of modern day Talibha, a village in Syria’s Hama province. The name Talibag derives from the Arabic term “talib” meaning riverbank or lake. When we refer to Talibag, we are actually referring to two locations: Taliake (the river) and Al Ghaddafir. Today, Taliake is Talabu, while Al Ghaddafir is Talisay or Ta’zi.


In the early twentieth century, Taliake began to develop commercial activities as well as a significant number of hotels and commercial establishments. Taliake became a hot tourist destination when the World War II started. A large number of tourists came to visit the town and many of them stayed in hotels. Taliake became a popular site for tourists searching for information about the US military base on Cyprus.


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In the case of Taliake, there is a good collection of brochures and pamphlets available at the local museum. If you happen to visit the old part of town, you will see the remnants of the old villages and towns. Taliake is also known for its phosphate deposits and natural freshwater springs. The mountains nearby have been identified as World Heritage sites and are protected by the Indian government. Tourists looking for information about US military bases in India can get a lot of information about Taliake from the local guidebook.


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