Aasthan Latif Welfare Society Organization

Aasthan is a welfare organization that is named as Aasthan Latif Welfare Society. It is free from the involvements of the government and has been regarded as the private institution. It was established in Pakistan in 2nd January 1989 in the small village of Sindh named as Darro. The main master mind behind this organization has been Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Alasti who made this welfare foundation more prominent with the help of a group of people. This foundation normally aimed in spreading the education in the women and girls in the smaller districts. More often we have seen that in small districts the girls and women are frequently witnessed avoiding the education and this institution is merely aiming to bring the women towards the school buildings. In 1991 this organization set up its schooling campaign in Sindh and even provided the uniforms, books and bags to many children but somehow this campaign came to an end because the children were no longer able to attend the schools.  The main motive of this institution was completely inspired and motivated from the poetry of the famous poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai. As in his poetry he has given all his attention at the education status of the women and girls. As we mentioned earlier that the foundation was purely non government therefore this NGO has also even faced the expenses problems as well however afterwards the owner of the institution has to sell all his lands and properties for building the schools and training centers for women. On 25th December 1990 this organization even arranges the biggest rally in Pakistan for promoting the education of the children. The very first school opened by the Aasthan was in 1990 by Dar Maluk Shah. Ever since the foundation of this institution and until now almost 15 years have passed and now almost 20000 girls have gained the benefit of education all through the help of this organization.

In the each year functioning of the Aasthan Organization so far many and even countless programs have been introduced for the girls and women. In such program there was a non formal education program that worked during the 1991-1996 for making the women aware from the education standard in Pakistan. During the time phase of 1990-1998 this organization arranges almost 500 campaign in diverse districts for the education of both men and women. This organization even commences the women resource development committee on 1999 that even serve them with the income guarantee too. They even step up the educational centers for the adult women in 1996. In the year of 1995 they even bring up with the concept of medical educational centers in the Darru and for that purpose they build 10 centers in the districts. They make the people aware from the environmental cleanliness through the campaign in 1994-1995. This was the very first organization that introduces the polio campaign in the District Thatta in 1993 from 1998. According to the survey it has been founded that until now approximately 50,000 men and women and even the children have received huge and titanic benefits from the campaigns of this organization. If you are feeling interested to know more facts about this Aasthan Organization and any queries about its services then you can instant get in touch with the organization all through the below mentioned address of head office and regional office:

Contacts of Aasthan Latif Welfare Society Organization

Head Office:
Aasthan Latif Welfare Society
A-273, Block # 3, Gulshan Iqbal,
PO Box 17935, Karachi-75300,
Sindh, Pakistan
Fax: +92-21-5693120
email: [email protected]

Regional Office:
Aasthan Latif Welfare Society
C-444, Unit 3, Hashimabad Township,
Makli, District Thatta,
Sindh, Pakistan
Tel: +92-29-8770423
email: [email protected]

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