Aahung is known as the most famous and well established working organization in Pakistan. These working institutions are known as NGO in Pakistan that work for betterment of the nation and its citizens. Aahung was founded in 1995. This organization was put forward by the combined effort of few people whose main aim was to emerge the awareness of the prominent society dilemma that is sexual health problems amongst the people. There were two programs as well that were also working in supervision with the Aahung including Karachi Reproductive Health Projects and AIDS Awareness Programs. The main motive of this organization has been awakening the people from the sexual problems in the women and adolescents in the urban areas and for this reason they are striving for lowering down the height of the HIV/AIDS. There is no doubt about it that creating this alarming conditions is yet a complicated task but nothing is impossible if we do it with the passion and devotion and this factor is much witnessed in this foundation. As the five years passed by the Aahung Organization they felt the need that people are normally receiving the wrong misunderstood statements regarding the sexual health problems and as a result they fall into many troubles of depression and even it affects their martial lifestyle as well. In such situations Aahung Institution decided to undertake the information facilities for making the women and youngsters aware from this concept.

Additionally, this institution has taken special measures and techniques for making the women, men and teenagers in order to learn about the sexual health issues and problems in much better and efficient manner. They even carry out the sexually transmitted injections for the people and make them aware about its affects and positive outcomes. The best and perfect thing about this organization has been its communication skills that garbs over the minds of the people and counsel them in enhanced position. It is due to its ability level and magnitude that today the Aahung Organization is known as the leading and distinguished NGO in the whole world and many institutions all over the globe gets connected with their staff for training their staff members in view of the dealing with the people and learning communication methods. They have even spread their sexual health related details and information specifics in schools, medical universities and nursing centers. The popularity of the Aahung Institution is quite evident from the fact that all the organizations in the world get them assisted through the details, manuals and information criteria of this foundation.

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