Zong TimePey Money Transfer

Zong has come up with yet another exciting service to facilitate masses at large. It has always been our ultimate goal to achieve convenience for our customers and the general public and this offer is truly a depiction of this aim of ours. This new and brilliant offer has been named as timepey money transfer. As the name suggests, the offer allows you to receive and pay out money to friends, family or to any other person via the timepey shop. The service is not only convenient to use but is also secure reliable and is also a brisk way of transferring money. The best thing about this service is that it is not only limited to our customers but is something which can be used by anyone out there without any Zong connection and even without any cell phone.

Any of you out there who wants to transfer money in Pakistan from one city to another or from an urban metropolis to a remote rural area can use this service through timepey shop outlets e.g. the working class whether it’s a guard or conductor who needs to send his salary to his loved ones or it’s the parents who need to send cash to their son or daughter in any educational institution. The service covers a vast domain which compromises of almost all the cities and villages in Pakistan which is the best thing about it.

Restrictions, stipulations, and validity

The offer can be only utilized by those who have a valid national identity card and it is not restricted to customers of Zong as it can also be utilized by those who are using other telecom services. There is no registration at all that is required for using this offer and the sending and receiving can be done through thousands of outlets that are termed as timepey shops.

Following are the items which the user need to bring in order to utilize the service.

  1. His/her valid national identity card along with a valid photocopy of such card.
  2. The valid national identity card number of the receiving person.
  3. The cell phone number of both the receiver and the sender on which an instant message will be send which will confirm the transaction.

Sending money to timepey account holder

Similarly a person can also use the service to send funds to any timepey account holder. For this purpose the sender will need to go to the timepey agent location and will have to provide the account number of the timepey account holder. The account number will actually be the cell phone number of the receiver. The same requirements are applicable in this case as has been stated above i.e. the sender will require his valid CNIC and a valid photocopy of such CNIC, the CNIC number of the person on the receiving end, mobile phones numbers of both the parties so that a message confirming the transaction can be sent to them.

So tag in with Zong and get the best services in town.

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