Zong Timepey Bill Payment

Zong has always been up there when it comes to the provision of cheap and effective services that facilitates users in the most efficient manner possible. Our new timepey services cater a vast branch of services which gives masses a whole new platform of convenience which tags in with reliability and security. The branch of timepey service which this exposition caters here is related to easy Bill payment via our timepey offer. Using this facility any non account holder or account holder of timepey service can easily pay out utility bills and that too without any cost.

How to use your timepey account and the related requirements

Paying out any of your utility bills through your timepey account is very easy and brisk. Sitting in your arm chair besides the fire, you can pay out your bills by just dialing *888# from your cell phone and off you go. Following is the list of some requirements which you need to exercise for this purpose.

  1. First of all you need to have a timepey account or you should be an account holder customer for such service.
  2. The amount that you need to pay should be in compliance with the balance or should be within the limit of the balance that you possess in your timepey account or else the bill won’t be paid.
  3. After you have dialed in *888#, you need to click the tab that says ‘’Pay Bill’’ on the timepey menu.
  4. Then you will have to enter the consumer number that is printed on the utility bill.
  5. Utility bill details will then be shown to you on the screen.
  6. After you are sure that the details being displayed on the screen are Ok or valid, then just press Ok.
  7. Go on and enter the PIN of your account.
  8. That’s it, your bill be instantly paid out and a confirmation SMS will be delivered to you.

Paying through timepey shop

Just go to your nearest timepey shop for the payment of your bills and the process you will have to go through is very easy and is as follows.

  1. Bring the original bill along with the cash that is required to satisfy it on any timepey shop which you find near.
  2. Go ahead and ask the shopkeeper that you need to pay out your bill through this service.
  3. Render the shopkeeper with your own cell phone number so that you receive an SMS which will confirm the transaction as soon as it is completed or with the payment of the bill.
  4. On completion of a valid transaction, your bill will be stamped by the shopkeeper and you will also be rendered with a printed receipt which will contain the details of the transaction.
  5. Don’t forget to collect the stamped bill which will contain information such as agent ID and the transaction ID.

The service can be used to pay out the utility bill of companies such as SSGC, SNGPL, GEPCO, LESCO, PTCL, KESC, and IESCO.

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