Why Do Students Always Protest

Students around the globe are considered to have a very strong and powerful unity and especially in the recent times they have constantly proved on a number of different occasions around the globe. Once all the shackles are broken than there is no one there to stop their protest and that is the biggest reason why in today’s world that they have become extremely strong that all their demands have been agreed on several occasions. That has leaded to a greater motivation and courage to repeat their action if something is gone against their will.

Why Do Students Always ProtestBut, if we look at the past than whenever the students have stood up for their rights in a protest they have generally been valid irrespective of minor exceptions but most of the time they have laid down very valid demands around the globe. This reason highlights the fact that their rights and interests have been challenged on regular basis by the administrations around the globe which has pushed them to walk out on the streets and to protest against such negative administrations.

We have witnessed many protests of various students laying down various valid demands such as privatization of their schools so that the quality of the education enhances, change or modification of the syllabus provided, protest against unfair declaration of the result or even unfair conduct of examinations. Whatever the case maybe, their protests are normally justified and valid which again highlights the fact that the administrative bodies are not working up to the mark and a lot of discrimination is seen in many schools.

Students these days are very young, unbiased, energetic and very patriotic so they possess their own observation and thinking on various issues and also the current affairs of the state. Past clearly tells us that how many time students have stood in protest due to the violation of ethical considerations or at any sort of unfair treatment or any other national states issues. For instance, in Pakistan it was the students who have actually made most number of protests against the killing of Kashmir, and they were the only ones who actually did something against the Government and did their best to protect the Kashmiris so that they could live their lives peacefully with their rights and freedom.

If we take an example of India, it was the students of Jamia Millia and many other universities who protested against the brutal act of the gang rape of a young university girl who lived in Bombay where the Government was holding back to act but the protest by these students pushed them to take actions against the culprits. So yes, there is no doubt that many students are protesting these days a lot but one thing needs to be kept into consideration that young students are the ones who are giving their best shot to bring justice into society. We all need to support the cause for which these students go against the authorities if we really hope that justice play its actual role in our lives. If the authorities do their job with sheer honesty then students will not be required to go out on the streets.