Warid Unlimited Facebook Bundle

Warid Unlimited Facebook Bundle is all here now. For the information of the readers, prepaid users have to pay Rs. 4.99 plus tax for this unlimited usage. On the other hand, postpaid customers will have to pay on monthly basis, Rs. 150 plus tax for this subscription. Please note that from the sources we came to know that this unlimited face book bundle will remain free of cost till 30th April 2017. You can perform all sorts of activities by making use of this bundle. Update your status. Upload pictures, share albums with your friends and many more. Through this offer, you can also make use of face book bundle to stay connected with your friends 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you want to activate this offer then simple send text message of FB on 7777 and enjoy this exciting offer line. Prepaid customers can surely and certainly availing this offer right from today. For the postpaid customers, they can utilize this offer from 1st May 2013. For the prepaid customers, this offer is free for them till 30th April 2013 and for the postpaid customers they have to pay Rs. 150 per month. From 1st May 2013. Note that blackberry subscribers may not be able to become eligible for this unlimited Facebook bundle offer.

Warid Unlimited Facebook Bundle

So yes, if you find this offer quite and rather amazing, you should try out this one! If you are prepaid customer then try not to waste for a single second and immediately become a subscriber of this unlimited offer. Warid is all here for us to keep on bringing such exciting stuff for us. Check out this offer and do let us know your feedback too with regard to this unlimited face book bundle offer.


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