The Largest Solar Park in the World

Solar technology is a relatively new phenomenon to the modern world. The concept had started many years back, but now it is in one of the most advanced stage. Almost all the developed countries are making use for getting some large amounts of free energy. The sun is surely the most powerful source of energy in the Universe and humans have now learned how to make the best and target oriented use of the technology. Now you would be thinking that the country with the largest solar park in the world would be one of the developed nations, but let me surprise you by telling that it is not. The former country was China which boasted of having the largest solar park named as the Golmud Solar Park, but now a country has outplayed China. It is located in India, in the famous state of Gujrat.

Expectations from the Plant

This newly made and derived from the state of the art use of the best technologies park is going to produce nearly 500 Mega Watts and would be subject to completion in the year 2014 according to the government and other sources. The present operational and working capacity of the system has been estimated to be around 214 MW, thus becoming the largest solar power location in the world. The area which the plant covers is nearly 3000 acres. The area used for the plant is a wasteland which the country has now brought to some use for the whole nation. The environment chief of the state has also made a statement supporting the launch of this project and believes that this system is going to mark a new era in Gujrat and for the people living in the desert and urban areas.

Future Initiatives

This project has also become one of the most integral parts of the solar energy initiatives India has taken. Now it is weird to note that China has been left behind in the race to solar power in comparison to India, although the GDP of china is much more than that of India and it also happens to be ahead of all other Asian Countries in terms of technological advancements. Some of the world’s most technological structures and buildings are also found in China.

In addition to fulfilling the needs of power, the plant is also going to help in reducing the amount of CO2 emissions given off in the atmosphere. It is also going to help in saving nearly 900,000 tons of coal and other natural gas materials and reserves all of which are very important for the growth and development of the nation. The plant also marks a never before energy boost to all the power related initiatives and measures taken by the Indian Government. The government also plans to increase the solar energy to account for 3 % of the total electricity consumption of the nation which makes nearly 1000 MW by the year 2013.

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