Takeout Cash From Timepey Account

Cash can be withdrawl from the timepey account that you have at any time you want. For doing this, the account holder needs to visit an authorized agent such as Askari bank, franchise, Zong CSC or any of the timepey shops.

The customer will have to render the following items to the agent for drawing out the cash.

  1. The cell phone which has an activated timepey account in it.
  2. The original and valid national identity card of the customer

The following is the process for this purpose

  1. Just go to the menu Timepey and select the option that says ‘’withdraw cash’’.
  2. Then enter the number of the agent, the amount of cash you need to withdraw and the PIN number of your account.
  3. After you have gone through the above steps. You will be rendered with a screen which will display the details of the transaction which you have entered, just confirm the details by pressing OK.
  4. The agent and the customer will then receive a message of confirmation on their cell phones.
  5. Provide your cell number which is also the timepey account number and also render your national identity card.
  6. You will then be provided with cash by the agent along with printed details of the completed transaction.

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