HTC One X Complete Specifications Review and Price In Pakistan

HTC has been counted amongst one of such brands in the mobile world that always grabbed the attention of people with their electrifying and thrilling mobile styles. Every single time their mobiles have attracted the attention of the people worldwide. With the passage of time this brand is not just known in Pakistan but has even make a big reputable name in international level as well. When we comes to mobile then there are many brands that are all the time in the shape of competition with other mobile brands but HTC has always lived up with the requirements and wants of the people and that too with affordable and reasonable rates. This time HTC has exploded in the mobile cosmos with the explosion of their HTC One X. This mobile has been all about the stylish and finest superior quality strokes. All the people have just lost their heart beats after viewing the mobile for first time. We are sure that now you would be desperate to know its features and specifications!  Let’s have a look over its characteristics and rates in Pakistan.

HTC One X Complete Specifications Review and Price In Pakistan


  • This mobile was supposed to be highlighted in the beginning of February 2012 but somehow it gets delayed and finally landed on the mobile planet in March 2012.
  • This mobile offers the GSM capacity of 850-1900.
  • The weight of this mobile has been counted as 130 grams.
  • It offers 4.7 inches sized screen with the accessibility of 1280 mega pixels.
  • In the sound controlling system this mobile has the facility of volume controller and even ringtone as well.
  • Additionally, in the category of internal storage it can take account over 32 GB capacities.
  • The battery strength of HTC One X can run for maximum 4 days or even more.
  • This mobile has been loaded with the accessibility of USB 2.0 services as well for downloading and updating circumstances.
  • HTC One X has been made accessible for the people in white and grey colors.
  • Other vital known ingredients in HTC One X have been JAVA, Radio, MP3, Music Player, Flash Camera and so on.


As compare to all the mobiles of HTC this mobile has been filled with all the features therefore its price level has also been kept as high up. The exiting price of HTC One X in Pakistan has been Rs. 51,000.

So all the people if you have finished with the article and thinking about the mobile then just put a full stop and rush to the market now. Grab it immediately before any of your friend gets it.

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