How To Check Telenor Sim Number Without Balance

Do you know that how to check Telenor sim number without balance? Well if not then we you must read out this article because right inside this article we will going to explain the basic steps for checking the Telenor Sim number without balance. Telenor has been known out to be one of the most distinguished and well known leading cellular networks inside the Pakistan. There are currently many networks that are functioning inside Pakistan adding with Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid and Telenor.

All of these networks have their own specific features for being so amazingly famous. Telenor has been linked with the telecommunication planet since last few years and within just minimum time scale they have made their countless number of customers. They have always tried their level best efforts to offer the services and packages of calling, messages and internet that are matching up with the daily needs of all the customers. No matter whether it is about the calling packages, SMS offers and internet each single time they have bring out something. Currently they have set an offer in which they are providing free facebook offer to all their Talkshawk and Di-juice customers that has made this network as one of the wanted and demanding oens in the young generation.

How To Check Telenor Sim Number Without Balance

Now we will going to move on the main topic of the article! In the below article we will going to highlight the main steps for the sake of checking the Telenor Sim number without balance.


  1. In the very beginning you have to dial the number*345*8*1#.
  2. After dialing you will going to receive the menu in which you can make the choice of your personal favorite telenor number. You can send the message as “Call Me”.
  3. Now the second person whose number has been mentioned will get the request.
  4. Now check the phone of the second person.
  5. Now the number from where the back request has been made will going to be your Sim nbumber.

So these were the five simple steps through which you can grab your Telenor Si number without using the balance. If you have two mobiles with Telenor sim in them then you can even check this method by making the use of your second mobile Telenor number as well. Now you don’t have to think about the balance for checking the Telenor Sim number…..

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