CMH Lahore Medical College Admission 2018

CMH Lahore Medical College has been known as one of the most famous and known medical colleges in Lahore. This college has been recently highlighted in the medical world and hence it has gained huge prominence and eminent place in the education universe. This college was inaugurated on 11th November 2006 by President of Pakistan. This college has been placed on Abdur Rehman Road, Canntt. CMH Medical College has been not just teaching the students with the finest education but even providing the enhanced facility of the hospital as well that offers 1,000 care beds for the patients.


This college has always remained in the line of competition with other medical colleges. As this college has been new and fresh as compare to other medical colleges who have been working in this sector for quite a long time period so it is imperatively vital for them to ensure the provision of the universal settings of medical education for their students. This education and surroundings of the medical college would even motivate them to build up their road towards the success and victory stop. CMH Medical College has even highlighted its second campus as well on 6th March 2007. The building of this campus has been identified as one of the beautiful and well build buildings in Lahore.

CMH Lahore Medical College Admission 2018

CMH Lahore Medical College Admission 2017

Just like every year all the medical colleges held the commencement of the medical admissions for MBBS and BDS so in the same way CMH has also carried out the procedure of enrolling the students for their 2015 MBBS and BDS batch. The last date for the submission of the admission forms has been . The admissions process has already started for MBBS and BDS. The admissions will be followed under the working criteria and method of University of Health Sciences (UHS).


  • As we have mentioned above that complete rules will be followed under the supervision of the UHS therefore for taking admission in the MBBS the student must have the percentage of 80% or more than it.
  • While for taking admission in the education of BDS the students are required to take account of the 70% or above it.
  • All the students are required to submit their complete documents along with the admission form and in case of incomplete and any negligence the form will be cancelled instantly.


If you need to know anything in relation with the CMH Medical College and its campuses or any queries in reference with the admission troubles then you can get in touch with the CMH Medical College through the below mentioned campus address and contact number:

Address: Abdul Rehman Road, Canntt, Lahore

Phone Number: 042-3660550-51

On the whole all the students who have the wish to take the MBBS and BDS education from CMH Medical College they must apply it now and we are sure that this college will never let down your hopes and expectations.

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