Causes and Solution of Unemployment Problem in Pakistan

Unemployment is one of the major issues Pakistan has been dealing with for over a decade now. In Pakistan, unemployment is very high and also the resources are being wasted and that has led to a decrease in people’s income. Due to all these things, the standard of living has dropped, basic needs are not being fulfilled and many other serious issues have increased due to unemployment. You will find so many graduates, master students, engineers and people of every profession being wasted due to unstable employment system in Pakistan. Not only educated people of Pakistan, but also the labor class is going through a rough phase and their daily life has become a living hell for them. In 1999, about 2.4 million people of the labor force were unemployed. Sadly, the government isn’t taking any action on this serious issue because they’re way too busy filling their pockets with the money of general public. The causes are endless and countless. But the major causes of unemployment in Pakistan are as follows:-

Major Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan:

Causes and Solution of Unemployment Problem in PakistanIf we talk about the private sector, then the employment level completely stopped because their capital got shifted to other countries due to nationalization of the industrial units which really disturbed the investment industrial sector of Pakistan.

The growth rate of population in Pakistan is very high and that is one of the biggest causes of unemployment in Pakistan. The resources of Pakistan or of any country are always limited and sadly Pakistan has exceeded the optimum level of their resources.

Karachi is the biggest and an ideal place in terms of industrial base of Pakistan. Sadly, investors are not willing to invest in Karachi due to violence that has taken over Karachi in the past few years.

Our educational sector is also one of the causes of unemployment in Pakistan. The attitude of our young children towards the choice of a career is sheer unproductive and unrealistic.

Pakistan has very limited facilities in the area of energy, infrastructure and also the transportation system prevents investors to invest new industries.

Due to current unfortunate situation of Pakistan, the number of industries is very limited and at the same time number of graduates keeps increasing which leads to an up rise of unemployment level.

Government is not playing its part for the country, because they are not doing anything in capital expenditures which basically creates more jobs.

Another one of the biggest issues of Pakistani students are that whenever there comes a new trend or a new technology, then everyone follows to study that specific subject only rather than differentiating themselves they all follow the same pattern. Later, when there are only 5-10 vacancies of that specific field the number of graduates of that field are in thousands. This is the reason why not everyone gets the appointment letter.

Nothing is being handled or organized in a correct way. The numbers of vacancies are only few in numbers, but job seekers are countless every single day.

There are a number of reasons why unemployment is so high in Pakistan. One of the other reasons is the lack of quality of education in Pakistan. A student may have a master’s degree with him, but when he walks into an office for his interview, he lacks the confidence to carry himself for a formal conversation and in the end so many students of this type are rejected and left unemployed!

Solution of Unemployment in Pakistan:

Economic Revival package must be announced by the government of Pakistan to make sure the industrial sector is revived and more investment and production is carried out in Pakistan.

Government needs to motivate people to export more than import through broadening the tax base and by lowering down the tariff plans.

The government need to officially announce different and multiple packages for the betterment and development of the agricultural sector of Pakistan.

The government need to make such policies that attracts foreign investment in our country which will lead to more job opportunities.

Not only the plans need to be made by the government, but also the implementation have to take place in order to make sure that the crisis of unemployment in Pakistan is taken care of ASAP!


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